Bright Start - Family Child Care with Pre-School Curriculum
Director, Provider & Teacher

Ms. Ana is a mother, educator, scientist and entrepreneur, who deeply cares for all children and their well being. With our constantly changing world and recent events, Ana is convinced that educating children is of utmost importance for a bright, peaceful, happy future. 

Ana has experience with children 0-16 yrs.  As the dedicated mother of two healthy, independent, thriving children ages 4 & 16, she personally knows the demands of caring for children on a daily basis.  Ana practices attachment parenting and will provide the same attentive, tender, encouraging, loving care for your child.  With her teaching background, Ana encourages children to ask questions and inspires creative answers, while always providing guidance and correct explanations.  She believes in positive reinforcement, emphasizes positive behavior, and provides from the start a positive example for children to follow.
* Day Care provider (2008-2011)
* Montessori Kindergarten Teacher's Aid (1 year)
* Science Guest Lecturer (Waterloo Elementary - 3rd grade, Children's Manor Montessori School - 1st grade, Glenelg Country School - Middle School & High School)

* Cancer Research Scientist-NCI/NIH (1998-2008)
* Biology Professor-Villa Julie College & Marymount University (2003-2007)

Additional Contributions
* Immunology Consultant-Hiruko Wellness Corp., Los Altos CA (2005-present)
* Brampton Hills Community Association President, Ellicott City MD (2006-2007)
* Brampton Hills Social Committee Member, Ellicott City MD (2010)
* Soccer Coach-Howard Co Park & Rec, Ellicott City MD (2007)

Other Experience
* Classical ballet (14 years)
* Piano (5 years)
Maryland State Department of Education - Full Family Childcare License
* First Aid
* Child and Infant CPR
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