Bright Start - Family Child Care with Pre-School Curriculum
To prepare for EMERGENCY situations, family day care providers are now required to have an EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN. 
The plan must be discussed with parents and updated yearly, to ensure a safe and happy outcome.  Other than a written plan, "Ready to GO" kits are to be set up for every child.
1) Types of emergency situations:
Natural Situations:
* winter storms
* tornadoes
* floods
* power outages
Man Made Situations:
* gas leaks
* chemical spills
* hazardous materials
* attacks
2) Steps taken to prepare for emergency situations:
* written emergency plan
* Ready to GO kits for every child
* yearly meeting with parents
3) Ready to GO Kits that ideally provide a three day supply for each child:
* bottled water (recommendation: 1 Gallon/day/person)
* non-perishable food (canned food, cereal boxes, crackers)
* blanket
* diapers & wipes (traveling size)
* change of clothes
* hand sanitizer
* First Aid supplies (band aids, gauze, disinfectant wipes)
* laminated, current picture of the child with name, address, tel#
  (see an example below) 
* backpack for each child's belongings to be provided by Bright Start
4) EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN: download, print and keep a copy
5) Maryland Emergency Preparedness web site:
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