Bright Start - Family Child Care with Pre-School Curriculum
As we cover different topics with the children, material will be added for parents if they wish to review. 
Explanation for the children - in the center of the flower we find pollen which is special plant dust.  Insects get pollen on their feet when they try to eat the sweet nectar inside the flowers, and then carry the pollen with them to the next flower.  This helps plants with flowers make the fruit we eat. The good insects POLLINATE plants and help us get the food we eat. 

Explanation for the children - most insects go through many changes to reach the adult form that we see in nature.  For example, the butterflies and moths start as eggs.  The eggs open and small caterpillars come out.  The caterpillars eat and eat, grow much bigger and shed their skin many times.  The last skin is a hiding place for the caterpillar, where it changes one more time.  The moth caterpillar hides in a cocoon, and the butterfly caterpillar hides in a chrysalis.  Inside this hiding place the caterpillar doesn't eat any more but it is busy growing wings and long antennae.  When ready, the butterflies and moths come out and fly away.
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